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What is Bishop Ranch?                                         Bishop Ranch is 240 acres of open land in Goleta, located at Glen Annie and 101. It is currently zoned for agriculture and the Goleta City Council wants to rezone this land to residential. L.A. based Larwin development company plans to build thousands of houses on the beautifully pristine open land. Larwin will make billions of dollars. 1200 homes X $1Mill each = $1.2 billion. Aerial View Bishop Ranch

L.A. Developer "Buys" Council Election                Michael Keston (owner of Larwin Development Co.) and his family made 18 donations to 3 Goleta City Council Members; Michael Bennett, Eric Onnen, and Roger Aceves, and to two organizations that backed Bennett and Onnen. The donations were not immediately reported and remained a secret prior to the election. Larwin broke them into small chunks, between $900 and $999, so they did not have to be reported. SB Independent Article